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Project Description
The Socket Policy File server is a light-weight TCP server that listens on port 843 for socket policy file requests made by Adobe Flash Player.

Starting with Flash Player 9, SWFs accessing resources on different domains than the ones that host them requires a socket policy file that acts as the permissions mechanism to determine if the SWF should access certain resources.
The player now REQUIRES socket connections to be authorized through a socket policy file requested from the server on port 843.

The Socket Policy File Server runs on Windows servers as a windows service and sends a set socket policy via TCP. The application makes it easy to enable socket connections for windows servers without the overhead of port forwarding to existing servers or having to build a server from scratch.

  • To learn how to get started and how to configure the socket policy file, see the Installation Guide.

Current stable release

Socket Policy File Server v1.0

For feature requests please create an issue on the Issue Tracker page.

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